United Arlines: Failed Email Delayed at the Gate?

This email from United Airlines merits a Fail for Timing. It presented entertainment options for a flight on Sunday, April 24, departing at 6:00 am, but was sent on Sunday, April 24, at 4:01 pm, near the completion of my trip.

United Airlines Timing Mail That Fails
Email sent 4/24/16 @ 4:01 pm

I have flown United enough to believe this is not their standard procedure. I typically receive an email about inflight entertainment options 24 to 36 hours before my flight. I’m not sure why United delayed this one for so long, but it would have been better for the airline to not have sent it at all than to send it so late.

Lesson: Be sure your time-sensitive email is sent on a timely basis.

United Airlines mail That Fails
Flight UA 548 departed @ 6:00 am;
UA 2942 arrived @ 4:40 pm