Uber: Free Ride Available but So Far Away

Uber Mail That Fails List
email from Uber 4/27/16
I received this offer from Uber for a free ride from “the Fest.”

“What fest?” I asked myself, “Musikfest is not until August.” It took me several minutes to realize that the festival being referenced is in New Orleans. My guess is that Uber cannot mention the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival by name because it is not a paid sponsor.

This email merits a Fail for List  because it was sent to someone in Pennsylvania who has not been to New Orleans or used Uber south of the Mason-Dixon Line this year. However, if Miller Lite is ready to subsidize a 1,217-mile ride, I’m ready for some Paul Simon. I wonder if Uber will still be crazy after all these years.

I would think Uber has the technology to target emails by mobile location rather than spray what I presume was the entire country.

Lesson: Geographically-based offer emails should be targeted.