Amtrak's fulfillment mailing: Delayed

Outer envelope front
This fulfillment card carrier for the Amtrak Guest Rewards Program arrived via standard mail on October 27.  I joined the program online during the first week in July and made my first points-earning trip on July 11.  It took Amtrak 3 1/2 months to welcome me to the program and mail me a card.  This long delay makes an easy Fail for Timing.  One might claim the mail was slow, but the postmark on the outer envelope shows it was mailed in October.   

A delayed welcome mailing or new customer greeting will make an initial positive perception sour. 

Outer envelope back

Lesson: When you have a new customer, greet that customer right away while the introduction to your product or service is fresh in your customer's memory. 
rewards card carrier & info
card carrier flap

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