Five days is not enough

The Sitecore Symposium offers users of their platform the opportunity to learn about product features as well as share success stories and best practices. A recent email from them communicated that fact fairly well.

The email arrived on May 6 with a call to action to register for the symposium by May 11. The registration site was not live until May 6, giving only a five-day window for a business customer to commit to an $895 registration fee and travel plans four months ahead. This earns the email a Fail for Offer. Business customers need time to make arrangements, commit to dates, and obtain management approval.

In fact, the landing page includes a link to a boilerplate justification letter for registrants to send to their managers to get approval. A nice touch, because any employee going to the boss on his or her own and saying, “I’m going to Las Vegas for three days, staying at a high-end hotel on the strip, and paying 900 bucks to register” needs more than a bit of back-up.

As of May 7, the landing-page grid mentions the ‘Super Early Bird’ price with a deadline of May 11; however, the landing-page body copy (just above the Terms and Conditions) and the justification letter cite the deadline as May 18. That’s a Fail for Creative for having inconsistent deadlines.

1)      Give your business customers an adequate response window to your offer, especially if there is a substantial commitment in cost and time involved.

2)      Be consistent with your respond-by dates.

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