Quicken: Thinking of My Money Before Christmas

My favorite direct marketing guru Bob Stone said, “Once JCPenney has its first Christmas sale, little else matters.” He was referring to selling low-interest products via direct marketing during the holiday season. The conventional wisdom is that December is the time to sell things you can gift or donate – whether a sweater or money to the March of Dimes. This makes it seem odd that I received a CD-ROM from Quicken in the mail on the Friday before Christmas. 

I don’t use Quicken 2015 – nor have I used Quicken 2014, 2013, 2012, etc. Thus, I presume this is a new-customer prospect solicitation. Visually, it reminds me of those AOL CD-ROMs sent by the millions in the 1990s. I suppose that, somewhere, some people are thinking, “Yes, this is the solution I need for knowing where all my money is!” during a time when most people are focusing on where their money is going and how to get those Christmas LEDs to stop blinking.

I wonder if this mailer is Fail for Timing, or if Intuit has done enough research to truly believe that the week leading up to Christmas is a time to help people take control of their finances. My best guess is that, when they mailed it Standard Rate, they expected it to arrive later in the month, but the Postal Service delivered it faster than expected.

Happy new year!  

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