2 weeks to redeem a prize is a Fail

This contest fulfillment package was recently mailed by Young America on behalf of Hershey's.  It was mailed in a nondescript, plain white envelope.

The recipient won a minor prize in a contest - a free Reese's product.  This was communicated on a plain, white piece of paper.  The package does not need to be fancy because, hey, it's a prize.

The coupon appears to be good for a candy bar.
This prize fulfillment package merits a Fail for Timing because it was received on August 18.  That gave the recipient only 2 weeks to claim the prize.  That is not an adequate response window.  If a prize winner is slow to read the mail, that person may be upset if he/she misses the window to use the coupon.  The coupon could have easily been marked to expire 9/30/10 or, even better, 12/31/10.

Lesson: Even for a totally free item, there should be adequate time for the consumer to take action in response to your mail.

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