Geico: Only a 15 minute list update could save Geico from a Fail

This direct mail package from Geico might be creatively complete.  From a promotional standpoint, it goes all out.  

The outer envelope includes an inviting benefit teaser on the front as well as a promotional teaser on the back. It leverages the fact that the recipient moved to a new location, and implies a financial benefit to the new zip code as well as a peak at a hundred dollar bill.

The front of the letter leverages Geico branding.  It includes not one but two Johnson Boxes as well as a side bar that clearly communicates savings benefits and call to action.
In the package, there are no fewer than seven calls to action to get an insurance quote.  Most of them talk to ease of the transaction, with copy points such as "a few minutes to do"; "trained professionals are there for you 24/7"; and "All you have to do is answer some simple questions ...".  Forget 15 minutes?  This is fast & easy!

The letter communicates savings benefits as well as a positive customer experience.  It includes a testimonial on the back, a sincere, signed close, and the all-important P.S. that reinforces benefits messaging and call to action.

Finally, the bottom of the letter included an immediate benefit for opening the envelope -- return address stickers with the Geico geeko. (I'm showing only one row because the stickers are so cool that I plan to use them.)
This package utilizes many direct mail best practices: envelope teaser, promotional copy, Johnson Box, side box, a feeling of sincerity, a signature, multiple calls to action, immediate benefits, strong benefit messages, focused P.S., and alignment with messaging from other communication channels.

So why the Fail?  For Timing.  Typically, consumers have 30 days to choose a new auto insurer after they move, however, I received the letter 3½ months after moving to a new zip code.  Geico could improve its success by updating the hot movers list it uses and mailing more frequently.

Although not worthy of a Fail, the testimonial on the back is a bit off the mark.  It represents a customer who chose Geico before she moved, while the package is addressed and messaged to potential customers who are in their new home.

Lesson: When you are targeting recent movers, be sure to reach them when they recently moved. 

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