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A couple of months ago, I noted a Fail for Amtrak for a new loyalty program customer fulfillment mailing arriving more than three months after I enrolled in the program.  In contrast, this new customer mailing from Alamo arrived less than two weeks after I enrolled in the Alamo Insider program.  Frankly, I couldn't tell you the exact number of days it took to arrive because it was included in the pile of mail that was waiting for me when I returned from a business trip.

The package is simple and effective.  It is mailed first class and delivered in a simple #10 outer envelope with Alamo branding.  The letter further represents the company's unpretentious attitude.  It included the loyalty club card (not pictured), a light amount of copy, and friendly graphics.  These graphics use the same friendly style as those shown on the Alamo Insiders web page.

The letter opens with a note of appreciation immediately followed by an explanation of two of the program's features -- deals and value.  The benefit of 10% off rates is clearly communicated in the sidebar.  The letter mentions that "it's fast and easy" to get going, which it is because it is fast and easy for a recipient to quickly scan or completely read the letter.  The letter includes a polite close and a reinforced call to action in the P.S.

There is nothing in this mailing to suggest a Fail.  This is Mail that Sails.  It effectively utilizes its new customer List, beneficial Offer, on-brand Creative, and terrific Timing.  It is worth showing here as a contrast to the oversized Amtrak mailing that took months to mail.  If you are responsible for recurring customer revenue, which method would you use to welcome a new customer to your program: A mailing that was simple and arrives quickly or one that is more grandiose and arrives long after the customer had his/her first experience with your company?

  1. Reinforce your brand in your direct communications. 
  2. Integrate your graphics and communications style online and offline.  
  3. Reach your new customers quickly after their first experience with you to reinforce your relationship and encourage more purchases.

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